Thumb Print Pro 4.00

No Image Create web pages from your image library. Create JPG and thumbnail images. The thumbnail size is user specific and can be changed easily. These images can be created from GIF, BMP, or any other supported format. Thumb Print Pro is a utility to quickly search and view graphics files without the use of a browser or other graphical program. The software can also create HTML files that display GIF and JPG files as thumbnails images in your browser.

Thumb Viewer 2.1: Thumb Viewer: viewer for thumb.db files
Thumb Viewer 2.1

thumbnail. You may save (extract) as bitmap file the any stored picture or edit in editor (MS Paint, for example). MS Windows creates a file called "Thumbs.db" for folders that contain pictures. The Thumbs.db file caches a thumbnail version of the pictures in the folder, making it quicker to view the thumbnail images each time the folder is opened. Once a picture file has been deleted from the file system, the related thumbnail and associated metada

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Recover Thumb Drive Files USB drive data recovery software retrieves lost text documents and video clips
Recover Thumb Drive Files

Recover thumb drive files restoration application designed to recover lost and misplaced data from your personal data assistance device, jet flash drives, external hard drives, multimedia memory cards and thumb drives. USB drives data revival tool rescue deleted and lost images, pictures, snap files, audio video clips, text documents and other important data. Recover thumb drive files retrieval utility provides preview facility to revive data.

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Magic Thumb 2.0.67: Enlarge your website images to full-screen and navigate them with Magic Thumb.
Magic Thumb 2.0.67

Thumb. Click an image and Magic Thumb will enlarge it to automatically fill the screen, sometimes known as a "lightbox". Great you say, but what happens when you want to view the next thumbnail? Well, Magic Thumb contains navigation arrows, so you can easily move back and forth between your images without having to open or close them. Simply click the arrows on the image or even use your keyboard arrows. Just a couple of the options in this gorgeous

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CapTrue Thumbnailer 1.7: Thumbnailer: a Windows Media Player plugin for creation of thumbnails images
CapTrue Thumbnailer 1.7

Thumbnailer is a Windows Media Player plugin for creation of thumbnail image files. Load a media file into Windows Media Player, and easily create a thumbnail image of your movie. Features: * Alter the number of thumbs in both vertical and horizontal directions * Set output image width * Add additional information into resultant image: file name, size, duration. * Each thumb can contain its timestamp * Choose between BMP, JPEG, PNG or GIF output

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Website Thumbnail Capture 3.21: Create thumbnail images and download HTML source code of multiple websites.
Website Thumbnail Capture 3.21

Thumbnail Capture tool creates thumbnail screen shots of web pages, downloads underlying HTML code and saves them to your hard drive. The software allows to load and save up to a thousand URLs at once and create galleries of thumbshots. Several web screen shot resolution sizes are supported. Batch processing is available: just load a list of URLs in a plain ASCII format in this program, click once button and a gallery of thumbnail images and HTML

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Thumb-Bar 1.0: Thumb-Bar v1.0 is an easy-to-use horizontal preview-type menu system.
Thumb-Bar 1.0

Thumb-Bar v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable horizontal preview-type menu system that supports multiple image thumbnails and includes custom cursor support and a variety of border styles. Thumb-Bar v1.0 provides a unique way for visitors to navigate your site.

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